2015 Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Researcher Competition

From the 1100 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers involved in the EFRC program, each of the 32 EFRCs was invited to nominate one graduate student and one postdoctoral researcher to present a talk at the 2015 EFRC Principal Investigators’ Meeting in Washington, D.C. on October 26-27, 2015.  The DOE EFRC management team selected 16 finalists from more than 50 nominations. At the meeting, teams of DOE program managers selected the top three graduate students and postdoctoral researchers based on how well the research exemplified the opportunities provided by the EFRC funding modality, scientific excellence, and topical diversity.  The winners received an award certificate from Harriet Kung, Associate Director of the DOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences, during a ceremony at the end of the meeting.

The abstracts of all the finalist talks can be found here.

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