Some may think that the pursuit of perfection sounds like a musician practicing a beautiful song or the soft sounds of an artist sketching, but we at the Light Material Interactions EFRC think that it sounds mostly like dissonant mix of clinking glassware, vacuum pumps, and flowing gas.  Our EFRC is dedicated to engineering perfect optoelectronic materials for renewable energy applications such as quantum dots with light emission efficiencies greater than 99%.  In this podcast, we’ll give you a brief glimpse into this research as well as the challenges for material characterization and the exciting potential solar cell devices when you can use nearly perfect materials.


Joseph Swabeck and Carissa Eisler.  Additional acknowledgements: Nima Balan (voice) and Carrie Hofmann (editing, feedback). Music used was licensed under the Creative Commons, and was created by Colin Carr (Cello, License type: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) and Simon Lacelle (Timpani and Bass, License type: CC BY 3.0).

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