The EDDE team enjoyed this opportunity to communicate the Center’s mission:  Gain a better understanding of radiation damage formation and evolution in its early stages in order to design materials that can intrinsically recover from the damaged state. The EDDE podcast aims to enthusiastically share the Team’s work - which will ultimately lead to cleaner, safer energy production. Just as the team recognizes that a career change to radio broadcasting or the music industry may seem remote, so at one time, did EDDE’s ability to design “self-healing” materials! 


The podcast was a collaborative team effort featuring the following:

  • Image creator and rap lyricist: Eva Zarkadoula, ORNL/EDDE
  • Speakers: Eva Zarkadoula, Gihan Velisa, Mohammad Ullah, Jennifer Bultman and Shijun Zhao, ORNL/EDDE
  • Rap artists: Neila Sellami and Yang Tong, ORNL/EDDE
  • Production: Jennifer Bultman, ORNL/EDDE
  • Dialogue authors: Eva Zarkadoula, Jennifer Bultman, William Weber and Yanwen Zhang, ORNL/EDDE
  • Recording equipment/assistance was provided by Kase Clapp, ORNL

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