A tapestry of electrons and holes, in their scattered flight,
Their journeys interwoven, spreading currents like the night,
Through the lattice they diffuse, in search of their own place,
Defects and imperfections spin stories of cosmic grace.

The image depicts one boron aluminum nitride structure where mixed sp2 and sp3 bonded boron and nitrogen sites were found, based on the wurtzite lattice. In the image, the shaded shapes of varying colors depict charge iso-surfaces from DFT calculation with varying magnitudes. The goal of the image is to show how the mixed BN phases change the charge density profile in the structure.

High Resolution Image

About the Image

Graphic created by The Ultra Center for the Poetry and Science Art Contest II at the 2023 DOE EFRC-Hub-CMS-CSS Principal Investigators’ Meeting.


Cody Milne
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