heat - motion - transport - touch

Learn through a warm mother’s embrace
to stave off the cold of raging worlds;
The challenge you would never face
to turn to actions all your words.

At the touch of bodies, attract
the swaying motion of crystals,
transference of spirit and fact:
an impulse, sudden, from the pistons.

A warm spring breeze, polar vortex,
the distance traveled by your breath.
Caress your sensory cortex
sudden changes heralding threat.

Projectiles impacting the fuel:
Invisible force of love and strife.
Our energy’s the Earth’s jewel
alarms blaring: a silent fife.

This contribution represents the Thermal Energy Transport under Irradiation (TETI) EFRC. The plot shows the change in amount of light emitted from a material without, a low, and a high dose of radiation; the mystery at the heart of our center which through creativity we try to unravel. The main concepts of transport are explored in each stanza: conduction, convection, and radiation: the principles guiding our search for answers.

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Graphic created by Thermal Energy Transport under Irradiation (TETI) Energy Frontiers Research Center for the Poetry and Science Art Contest II at the 2023 DOE EFRC-Hub-CMS-CSS Principal Investigators’ Meeting.


Kevin D. Vallejo, Ph.D. An investigator from the Idaho National Laboratory and author of a collection of poems (minus one twelfth) and several poems published in literary magazines.
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